Gloucestershire Walking Group

Cancelling a walk you are leading

The vast majority of walks go ahead as planned. However, occasionally the weather is so bad that we have to think about whether to cancel a walk to ensure everyone’s safety. These notes have been written to help you in that event.

If severe weather threatens a walk you are leading...


Please keep an eye on the forecast on the days leading up to your walk. The met office (usually!) warns of very severe conditions a few days in advance so keep an eye on their website.

Severe weathers that may threaten your walk include things like torrential rain that causes widespread flooding, heavy snow particularly if it leads to dangerous driving conditions, gale force winds that bring down trees or large branches etc.

Conditions such as normal rain and muddy footpaths may perhaps lead you to change the route or length of the walk but usually would not lead to a cancellation.

The most important thing is safety, both yours and that of the group. If you would like help with your decision, then please call Martina, Nicky or Arash (contact details below).

If you have to cancel...

Please make your decision and call or text Martina, Nicky or Arash before 10am on SATURDAY MORNING so one of us can change the gwg website, send out an email to everyone and organise an update on meetup. Please make sure you get a response from one of us, don’t just send an email or leave a voicemail as we may be away and not receive it in time!

If it’s safe to do so you also need to go to the meeting point for your walk at the time it was due to start to let anyone who still turns up know that it is cancelled. Obviously if there is heavy snow or the start point is flooded then you wouldn’t be able to do this, but if it’s safe then please go to the start point.

Here are our mobile numbers, if you can’t get hold of the first person you try then please contact the others until you speak to one of us.

Martina 07890 445123      Nicky 07905 287685       Arash 07771 631160

Hopefully you won’t need this information. But if you do, we hope it’s helpful! If you have any questions, please ask one of us.


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Monday, December 10, 2018